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Custom Tailored Training

Learn about how any training session, workshop, or keynote can be custom tailored to meet your needs

Choose The Right Speaker

Download a cheat sheet/check-list for planning your program and selecting the right speaker.


On Site Training

1 - Facility Tour

A timely guided tour of your entire facility(s) to gain a first hand working knowledge of who, what, where, and how.

2 - Frontline Focus Groups

To gain an insight into frontline concerns, priorities, and views. This also helps to create positive expectations from employees for any future change initiative.

3 - Staff Survey Instrument(s)

To gather fact based data of employee attitudes and competencies we may recommend the use of one or more CLS research survey instruments.

4 - Managment Focus Groups

To gain further useful insights into the problems and challenges facing the various departments.

5 - 1-on-1 with Key Staff

Approximately 30-60 minutes with each member of the "Executive" in order to get a handle on the organization's practices, internal communication, etc.

6 - Planning/Brainstorming Workshop

To expedite the implementation phase, we would conduct a 2-3 hour planning and brainstorming workshop with an established team, committee, or newly appointed task force.

7- Post Event "Next-Step" Recommendations

A thorough written recommended implementation strategy will be forwarded following the consulting/planning day(s).